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Did you know…

  • 84% of companies in the United States are small businesses
  • 3 out of 4 people are employed by a company with less than 100 people
  • There are over 19 million small businesses in America

As a Business Owner are you serious about:

  • Rapidly Increasing Your Revenues?
  • Creating a Powerful Sales & Marketing Plan that Works?
  • Building the Business of Your Dreams, Not Your Nightmares?
  • Want to Find More Customers Fast?

Experience Results with the TLC Build Your Business Program

This 6 month program is designed to help committed Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who are looking for solid solutions to their serious questions about how to build, structure, and grow their business.

It includes:

6 months of 1-on-1 Business Coaching with “America’s Top Marketing Coach,” Stephen Fairley. (Value of $6,000)

Stephen Fairley is a nationally recognized Small Business Coach who has helped thousands of business owners achieve rapid growth and sustainable results. He is a Trusted Advisor to dozens of companies and has been profiled in the country’s leading magazines and newspapers including: Entrepreneur, Inc, Fortune Small Business, Harvard Management Update, the Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Chicago Business, Business Advisor and on the front covers of AdvantEdge and Choice magazines. Click here to read more about Stephen Fairley.

In these 6 months, Stephen will coach you through the steps of:

  • Examining your current business model
  • Analyzing the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of your business
  • Strategies for improving your profit margins
  • Creating a go-to-market strategy for marketing your products and services
  • Laying the groundwork for shortening your sales cycle
  • Developing and using your Unique Competitive Advantage (UCA)
  • Implementing your growth plans on a week to week basis
  • Overcoming obstacles and avoiding business pitfalls
  • Much, much more…

Here are some of the results Stephen's clients have experienced.

In addition to the coaching, you will also receive:

  • A hard copy of Practice Made Perfect: 10 Principles for Marketing Your Services (Value of $147)
  • Audio CD: Your Practice Made Perfect (Value of $97)
  • Data CD: Proven Proposals and Powerful Marketing Materials (Value of $399)

Click here to read more about Practice Made Perfect


Rich Integration: How to Build a Million Dollar Practice Using Consulting, Coaching, Training & Speaking

This 5 CD series will help you discover how to leverage your expertise as a Consultant, Coach, Speaker, or Trainer and maximize your database to achieve significantly higher levels of revenue. This brand new 5 CD series has been created by Stephen Fairley, “America’s Top Marketing Coach” and Million Dollar Executive Coach Hellen Davis. (Value of $397)

Click here to read more about Rich Integration


Lead With Purpose, Live With Passion: This 4 Volume, 10 CD set will help you discover specific strategies and tactics for implementing High Impact Marketing, Finding new clients fast, and avoiding marketing mistakes while living a life of balance, purpose and passion. (Value of $147)

You will receive:

Volume 1 with Kimberly Fulcher—Former CEO of $38MM Hi-tech company
CD 1: The Difference Between Leadership and Management & Why You Need Both
CD 2: The Business of Relationships
CD 3: The Balance Myth

Volume 2 with Stephen Fairley
CD 4: 6 Secrets of Highly Successful Femalepreneurs and Business Owners
CD 5: Top 10 Marketing Mistakes Female Business Owners Make and How to Avoid Them NOW!
CD 6: 7 Proven Strategies for Finding More Clients Fast

Volume 3 with Al Lautenslager—PR Expert for Entrepreneur.com
CD 7: Getting Started With No Cost Marketing
CD 8: Getting the Word Out—PR Essentials
CD 9: Keeping in Touch with Customers and Prospects

CD 10: Grow Your Business Data CD
Over 35 different special reports, ebooks, templates, charts, and marketing materials


A copy of Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching (360 pages)

  • Stephen Fairley's #1 best-selling book
  • Secret strategies based on Stephen's nation-wide survey of 300 consultants, professional coaches, top speakers and expert trainers

The Total Value of the TLC Build Your Business Program is $7, 212.
Your Investment is $5,400! ($900 per month for 6 months)

For more information or to register, call 888-588-5891.


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