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Wheaton, IL March 8, 2001—Human Resource Directors in Hi-Tech companies are used to working with difficult employees, but coping with a challenging executive can lead to lower morale and higher turnover. “With all the stress HR Directors face in today’s Hi-Tech companies, adding a challenging executive to the mix can become overwhelming because of the executive’s position and interests,” says Stephen Fairley, an Executive Coach who specializes in the Hi-Tech industry. Stephen will be leading a workshop on this topic next Wednesday, March 14, for HR@Work, a group of HR managers at Hi-Tech companies here in Chicago.

One of the keys to resolving conflict with a Hi-Tech executive is to discover their interests, not just focus on their position. A position is the means you use to get what you want, like a raise. Your interest in asking for the raise stems from your desire to be recognized for last years accomplishments. Most conflicts begin because people focus exclusively on their positions.

For example, the executive may demand that the HR Director ask prospective employees illegal interview questions like, “Are you planning on starting a family soon?” Or “How old are you?” If the HR Director only focuses on the executive’s position, a conflict will emerge. However, by discovering the executive’s true interests the HR Director can successfully negotiate a resolution.
For more information on this topic and other related management issues contact Stephen Fairley, an Executive Coach with Today's Leadership Coaching at 480-659-9700 or via email: Stephen@TodaysLeadership.com.

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