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How to Market Your Professional Service Business:
Proven Strategies for Finding New Clients Fast

Naperville, IL. “This is NOT a book to be read, but a manual to be used. If you are looking for another book to read on marketing, this manual is not for you. This manual is designed specifically for the consultant, coach or other professional service provider who is looking for specific ways to immediately apply focused marketing skills and practical techniques to increase their business.” This is how Stephen Fairley’s new manual, Practice Made Perfect (2002), begins.

Stephen Fairley is President of Today's Leadership Coaching, a premier Chicago-based, business coaching firm takes the reader through the ten primary principles for marketing a professional service business, including: identifying your target market, demonstrating your “product,” communicating your benefits, to maximizing your money—to name a few. He explains and illustrates each principle then shows the reader how to implement it in their specific practice.

The author points out that this manual was not designed to read straight through. Instead, you are encouraged to take your time and work through each principle, using the built-in Action Steps and Practice Building Projects to apply the material to your specific business.

While some of the skills and techniques in this manual can be found elsewhere, this manual is distinct in several ways:
Designed for immediate practical application. It provides a practical overview of both fundamental and advanced marketing techniques for professional service businesses. Each concept is briefly explained, followed by an opportunity for you to immediately take action and apply it to your specific business.

Actual examples of marketing materials that have worked. Stephen has included a number of powerful examples of actual marketing materials on a CD, including: marketing letters, service lists, benefit sections, and many winning proposals from his own practice.

Customized to meet your needs. Most marketing books are written for companies who sell products (books, cars, videos, computers), while this manual was written specifically for service-based companies.

Includes 4 business coaching sessions from the author. This manual is part of the Practice Building Program offered by Today's Leadership Coaching and includes four business coaching sessions to assist you in quickly implementing the Action Steps and following through on the Practice Building Projects.

For more information about this manual, please call Today’s Leadership Coaching at 888-588-5891 or via email: Info@TodaysLeadership.com.


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