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As the President of my company, I found my coaching with Stephen so helpful, I personally recommended him to more than 20 CEOs and senior executives I know.”
Small Business Owner

“Tom Horne has helped me make great decisions about my overall business strategies. I use him as a sounding board because as a hands-on business owner, I can get ‘lost in the trees’ at times and he continually brings a fresh perspective. He knows me and my business and always has my best interests in mind. I highly recommend Tom as a Business Coach and a strategic advisor.”
—Gary R.
President of Food Manufacturing Company

Coaching with Stephen is one of the best professional
investments I’ve ever made.”  
Professional Service Firm


Are you working ON your business or just IN your business?


Does your small business work WITHOUT you or BECAUSE of you?


When is the last time you took a vacation or worked less than 40 hours a week without feeling GUILTY?


Do you have a specific, written marketing plan for achieving your business goals in the next 1-2 years?


Do you know exactly what obstacles you need to overcome in the next 6 months to continue growing your company?

As a small business owner your job is very demanding and your needs are unique.

Many small business owners function as the CEO, CFO, VP of sales and marketing, and the Director of HR.

As the leader of your company you play multiple roles and wear many hats every day. All the while you are trying to build and develop a solid client base.

Are you tired of going it alone? Looking for new strategies for increasing your performance, productivity, and profitability? Do you need an experienced sounding board for your new ideas?

Our experienced Business Coaches have helped many small business owners build and grow their company to new levels.

Do you want to:
bullet Increase your speed to market
bullet Get more clients NOW!
bullet Discover how to maximize your efforts to produce
bullet Make more money with less effort
bullet Discover how to build your business around your core competencies
bullet Overcome common blocks to building a successful business
bullet Learn how to make money from your website
bullet Learn strategies for finding and keeping your ideal clients
bullet Market your professional consulting practice

If so, then we can help!

A critical misstep in the early years of your business can be costly and result in lost revenue, time, productivity, or opportunities.

We can help you achieve your goals while avoiding costly missteps and painful pitfalls.

Does this sound like you?
bullet You are totally committed to building your business.
bullet You are truly passionate about what you do and this passion pervades every area of your life.
bullet You are looking for new ways to:
  • Increase your profits
  • Enhance your personal performance
  • Improve the productivity of your people
  • Recover a sense of work-life balance

If so, then a Small Business Coach from TLC can help you!

Some of the ways we help small business owners are:

Creating the company of their dreams (not one of their nightmares)—When you first started out you had a vision, a dream, of what you wanted to accomplish, of how you wanted your future to look. To some extent you have achieved part of that dream, but to be honest, there are probably times when you're frustrated by how much time and energy it takes to keep your business going. You feel trapped and want to discover ways to work smarter, not harder.

Marketing, Sales and Strategic Planning—increasing your revenues year after year is easier said than done, yet that’s exactly what our clients experience. They work with us to create effective marketing strategies that deliver a high ROI, transform ordinary order-takers into sales teams filled with rainmakers, and use us to help them focus on the strategic issues of their company, not just the day-to-day tactical issues.

Developing their people into leaders—every small business that reaches long-term success invests in developing their people to make them more effective communicators, team leaders, and motivating managers.

Successfully managing growth and change—if there is one constant in small business it’s change. There is nothing stagnant about our clients’ small businesses. They are constantly faced with new challenges, bigger obstacles, the need for better employees, and opportunities for rapid growth. We can help you learn how to successfully lead your company through the growing pains of building a successful company.

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Want to discover how to implement high impact marketing on a low impact budget?


Do you need more clients now?


Need to market your small business like a professional—without paying for one?

Introducing Practice Made Perfect: 10 Principles For Marketing Your Services
by Stephen Fairley

In this book you will discover:
In this practical small business marketing manual, you will discover:

bullet The only 7 sure-fire ways to get clients in your door NOW
bullet 10 reasons why advertising doesn’t work for most small businesses
bullet How to confidently answer the question, “Why should I buy from you?”
bullet Why you can increase your profits by firing your clients
bullet How to attract prospects to you with one powerful statement
bullet The 7 real reasons why people don’t buy from you
bullet Much, much more…

CLICK HERE to find out more information about Practice Made Perfect and the Practice Building Program.


Here are some specific Action Steps you can take today:

Contact us and request a FREE brochure on Small Business Coaching


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More information about the Practice Made Perfect manual
More information about The Practice Building Program


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