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Here are a few of the small businesses, entrepreneurs, and professional service companies who trust us to help them grow their practices, develop their people, and coach their leaders and owners.

We use small business coaching to help our clients experience more effective marketing strategies, higher sales, and faster business development.

Listen to what our clients have to say about us.


Marketing, Sales and Business Development

“Stephen helped me clearly define my company’s benefits. I found him to be approachable, energetic, and to have very creative ideas. He really cares about the success of my business and makes me feel as if I could reach all of my business goals.”

Lisa D. Mayfield, LMHC
Aging Wisdom


Coaching with Stephen is one of the best professional investments I’ve ever made.”

—President of Professional Service Firm

“I am amazed—completely amazed—that 2 ½ years have passed since we met. I am very pleased at our work together. The effects continue to this day and over these past few months I have continued to flesh out my business plan. Our work together continues to be a motivating vision for me.”

—CEO, Family Owned Business

“As the President of my company, I found my coaching with Stephen so helpful, I personally recommended him to more than 20 CEOs and senior executives I know.”

—President, Small Business Owner

“I am sincerely humbled and thankful for this coaching and having someone like you in my life.”

—Therese, Master Certified Coach

“Some of the things I have most valued about our coaching so far are: you are a great ‘thinking partner,’ you always have great ideas that I hadn't considered such as ‘consider working with non-psychologists,’ ‘just send a letter to the mysterious Pepsi Lady’ and numerous marketing conceptual suggestions. Your perspective and patience also help when I want instant results from my marketing efforts.”

—Psychologist & President, Consulting Firm

“Tom’s ideas were GREAT! I found them very useful.” —Christa S.

Principle, HR Consulting Firm

“Coaching helped me to re-focus on my approach to developing business.”

—President & CEO, Financial Services Company

“Coaching has helped me to achieve a transformation from seasoned clinician to confident corporate coach/consultant. Stephen Fairley possesses a rare combination of excellent coaching skill along with marketing expertise gained from years of study. Thus, he is able to shift practice development into overdrive very quickly.

—Susan Mayfield, Ph.D., President, Prime Performance Consulting

Leadership development and Management Skills

“Many thanks go to you Tom, for your leadership, organization, humor, and all the good energy you bring!”

—HR Consultant

“I met Stephen Fairley after a talk that he gave on the process of designing one’s life. He challenged the audience to move from simply thinking about a job or career to thinking about creating a life of significance. I accepted that challenge. I realized that competent coaching is an investment in greater possibilities... Coaches aren’t just for athletes. Stephen Fairley has assisted me through a career transition. He coached me on specific skills that have made me more effective in my work and in my life. I recommend Stephen to anyone who has the desire and commitment to make a significant difference in their life and to the lives of the people they love.”

—Senior Executive, Entrepreneur

“You helped me get in touch with my passion and how to use it to fuel my work.”

—Serial Entrepreneur

“Tom, one of the things I most appreciate about you is that you are a real man of integrity and honesty. These are some of the key values I believe are critical in any coaching relationship.”

—President, Consulting Firm

“Working with Tom has helped me move several steps closer to being the person I want to be!”

—Owner, Small Manufacturing Company

“Your efforts to improve the coaching community and the lives of those you serve are reason for many people to be thankful.”

—Business Coach


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