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Here are our most popular workshops and seminar series for Small Business Owners, Professional Service Firms, and Associations:

Practice Made Perfect
How to Market Your Small Business Like a Pro!
Coaching Skills for Small Business Owners
10 Principles for Marketing Your Coaching and Consulting Practice
Creating a High Performing Leadership Team

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Get more clients NOW!

Discover how to equip all your people to be a rainmakers

Use your competitive advantage for maximum results

The traditional model of finding more clients as a professional service business was simple—let the partners do it! Unfortunately, this approach simply doesn’t work anymore in today's marketplace.

Whether you are a financial services company, a law firm, accounting practice, mental health agency, or a management consulting business it is critical to your survival that every person in your organization understands and practices the powerful principles of dynamic marketing that attracts new clients and new accounts.

In this advanced, hands-on workshop Stephen Fairley will show every person in your company easy ways they can rapidly implement the strategies laid out in his book Practice Made Perfect: 10 Principles For Marketing Your Services.

During this time you will discover:  
bullet The only 7 sure-fire ways to get new clients in your door NOW
bullet The 3 biggest obstacles you must overcome before people will buy from you
bullet Why advertising almost never works for professional service firms
bullet Using the 2 most cost effective forms of small business marketing to gain immediate attention for your business
bullet How to quickly set yourself apart from 90% of your competitors
bullet Much, much more!

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How to Market Your Small Business Like a Pro!

Do you need to…                                                                                                             

Implement high impact marketing on a low impact budget?

Discover your competitive advantage for that winning edge?

Market your business like a PRO—without paying for one?

The difference between success and failure in your small business is based on your ability to focus your time, energy, and resources on the activities that produce the best return for your investment.

Whether you're just starting out or making $20 million in revenues, this powerful workshop will help you discover how to implement high impact marketing on a low impact budget and market your small business like a pro!

Stephen will help your audience gain a deeper understanding of why customers buy from them and specific ways they can be more effective in discovering and meeting customer needs.

He will show you why people really buy:
bullet benefits not features
bullet solutions not services
bullet value not quality

guarantees not promises

Your people will develop practical action steps to rapidly grow their business and:
bullet 3 easy steps to developing a dynamic guerilla marketing campaign
bullet The 4 biggest marketing mistakes small business owners make and how to avoid them
bullet How to powerfully answer the 2 critical questions every customer has, “Why should I buy from YOU?” and “Why should I buy from you NOW?”
bullet The 7 real reasons why people don’t buy from a small business
bullet How to discover and maximize your unique competitive advantage

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Coaching Skills for Small Business Owners

The days when employees responded to a command and control style of management are long gone. Today’s employees want a supportive, encouraging manager who allows them to retain a sense of individuality and creativity while developing their professional and technical skills.

Before you quickly dismiss coaching as just another fad, ask yourself—

“Am I completely satisfied with my manager’s ability to motivate our employees to reach and sustain maximum performance during critical economic times—without using money?”

If you cannot honestly respond with an enthusiastic “Yes” then call us today to find out how your managers can increase your employee productivity and motivation more than 40% over the next 3 months.

Here are a few of the results you can expect from this workshop:
bullet Dramatic increases in employee motivation and performance
bullet Develop leadership skills in management team
bullet Increase effectiveness in reaching a today’s generation of employees
bullet Discovering how to effectively motivate Builders, Boomers, and Generation Xers without using money
bullet Walk away with a specific plan to enhance your direct report’s productivity in the next 3 months

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10 Principles for Marketing Your Coaching and Consulting Practice
bullet Do you need more coaching clients now?
bullet Would you like to know how to build a successful coaching or consulting practice?
bullet Want to use high impact marketing on a low impact budget?

Stephen Fairley and the Today's Leadership Coaching team have successfully helped many coaches, consultants, and other professional service companies reach these and many other goals. This workshop is based on Stephen Fairley’s newest book, Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching (October 2003).

We guarantee you will discover:  
bullet The 6 places where professional service companies find clients
bullet The 15 largest markets where coaches and consultants are finding clients right now!
bullet Specific ways to significantly increase your hourly rate and build more business (many of our clients have successfully used these same techniques to increase their rates by 75-150%)
bullet The 7 secrets of highly successful coaches
bullet 12 strategies for finding your first 10 paying clients
bullet Why most marketing fails
bullet Once you land a client—how to keep them happy (and buying from you) for a longer period of time
bullet How to break into big corporations and land the big gigs

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Creating a High Performing Leadership Team

Are you satisfied with your team’s productivity?

Does your team struggle with conflict and overcoming obstacles?

Do they excel in creative problem-solving?

According to a recent survey of CEOs, the #1 issue facing today’s business leaders is “the creation of a team based culture.” More and more companies of all sizes are using teams at all levels to increase performance, productivity and accountability.

This workshop or seminar will help you and your team:
bullet Increase your effectiveness in rapidly reaching goals
bullet Develop people skills in working collaboratively as part of a team
bullet Decrease the number of meetings your team has while increasing the results
bullet Prevent your team from falling behind schedule
bullet Initiate high-impact, team building strategies
bullet Implement the 10 principles of High Performance Teams
bullet Motivate team members more effectively

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